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To provide:
•     Plant, Equipment Supply and Services
•     First aid equipment & services
•     Fire safety equipment & services
•     Security & communications equipment & services
•     Electrical & information technology equipment & services
•     Janitorial Services
•     Litter & Waste Management Services
•     Water & Sanitation Services
•     Traffic Management Services
•     Civil & Commercial Engineering
•     Construction/Fabrication and Demolition works.

Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited offers a full range of Health, Safety, Security, Equipment and Services delivers a broad range of products and services to the Energy and Non-Energy Sector: Oil and Gas, Petro-Chemicals, Ports and Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture & Service Industry.

This list is not exhaustive and only shows a fraction of our services. Please contact Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited for further details of our products and services or for a quote, our team of specialists is looking forward to working with you.

Please note that is not our policy to price lists as every client has different needs and requirements.

SPATT Limited can help protect your business

If you don't see what you are looking for then please call us: we can provide a tailor-made service to suit your needs which is very cost effective.

Clients are advised not to accept goods and services that are not for the minimum meeting of national standards, best practices, and legal requirements and/or recognized, certified and/or accredited to a known agency, institute or body. Failing local requirements international requirements may apply.

Therefore the rationales behind this are:

1.   Insurance companies may not cover the client’s interest if the client utilizes non- recognized, non- certified and non-accredited goods and services.

2.    Insurance companies may not cover the client’s employees who don’t hold the requisite qualification to use, operate, administer or provide to a third party.

3.   Special applications may be needed in certain instances to ensure coverage.

Clients must know the importance of this, in that Insurance Companies may refuse to pay for any incidence arising from the particular good or service.

Special note – Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited will work with you to design the best system to meet your needs. Each organisation is unique in its own way and it takes special consideration to design, develop and implement a suitable system. Systems that are provided should not only back up the organisation but also enhance it sustainability and longevity.

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