1.   What is a health and safety training passport?

It is a passport that allows you access to a passport-controlled work environment.

2.   What does the SPATT Limited passport scheme offer me?

It offers a practical grounding in health and safety awareness training, allowing you to prove your basic health & safety ‘credentials’. As a Passport holder, you will add value to your core trade skills.

3.   How long does the training take?

The training is delivered over one or two days. The core day is common to all industries and forms the first day of the training. The second day, if required, covers health and safety issues specific to a certain industry.

4.   How long does the training last?

A robust, secure plastic passport photo card is issued within 15 working days of SPA receiving the paperwork. The passport features your photograph, name, personalised identification number and course(s) undertaken with expiry date(s). This information is printed using a process which embeds the dye in the card – similar to the new UK driving licence and then coated with a ‘holocote’ finish to ensure the Passport is tamper-proof.

5.   Where can I do the training and how much does it cost?

SPA approves training providers who are based around the country to deliver the training. A list of approved training providers can be obtained from the Passport team. You will need to discuss prices, dates and venues with the training provider you select.

Consultancy and Documentation:

1.   What sought of HSSE Consultancy is provided and by whom ?
2.   How do I determine what I need ?
3.   How long does it take for visit to be made ?
4.   How much does it cost ?
5.   What documentation is provided and how long does it take?

Advice and Services:

6.   What sought of HSSE Advice is provided and by whom ?
7.   How do I determine what I need ?
8.   How long does it take for visit to be made ?
9.   How much does it cost ?
10. What types of services is provided (Man power or equipment)?


11. What sought of equipment is provided and by whom ?
12. How do I determine what I need ?
13. How long does it take for visit to be made ?
14. How much does it cost ?
15. What equipment is provided ?


16. What sought of Personnel and equipment are provided
      (and by whom ?
17. How do I determine what I need ?
18. How long does it take for visit to be made ?
19. What does it cost ?
20. What is provided ?

Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited aims to work with employers, employees, contractors, employer associations, trade unions, stakeholders and other relevant bodies to provide sound consultancy and advice, suitable personnel and equipment and design and develop training programmes tailored to suit each sector.

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Your Passport To Safety!