Agriculture & Environs

Course aim

*   To provide basic information and areas of
     responsibility for health, safety and the environment
*   To understand the implications of hazard recognition/risk
     assessment and effects on individuals and the employer
*   To demonstrate how individual behaviour can help reduce

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course delegates will have the knowledge
•   Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects by
    successfully completing each assessment paper.
•   Appreciate how they personally can influence good
    standards within health, safety & the environment
•   Understand the value of risk assessment and have
    the knowledge to recognise when change to a
    generic assessment is required
•   Understand the common hazards associated with work.

MODULE 1 – Chemicals

•   Terminology and Definitions
•   Use of Material Safety Data Sheets
•   Safety Information, Labels
•   Storage
•   Transport
•   Emergency Response Procedures.

MODULE 2 - Hazard Identification,
Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment

•   Importance of JSAs and Risk Assessments
•   Hazard Identification
•   Terminology and Definitions
•   Job Safety Analysis
•   Risk Assessments.

MODULE 3 – Inspection

•   Importance and Concept
•   Competent Personnel.

MODULE 4 – Preventative Maintenance

•   Importance and Concept
•   Competent Personnel.

MODULE 5 – Machine Safeguarding

•   Importance and Concept
•   Terminology and Definitions
•   Types of Machine Safeguarding.

MODULE 6 – Heat Stress

•   Terminology and Definitions
•   Impacts on Body
•   Emergency Response and First Aid Measures
•   Prevention and Mitigation.

MODULE 7 – Manual Handling

•   Terminology and Definitions
•   Impacts on Body
•   Prevention and Mitigation.

MODULE 8 – Personal Protective Equipment

•   Types of PPE
•   Selection of PPE
•   Use of PPE.

MODULE 9 – Environmental Aspects and Impacts

•   Waste Management
•   Environmental Impacts
•   Environmental Mitigation Measures.

MODULE 10 – Hand Tool Safety

•   Types of Hand Tools
•   Proper Application and Uses
•   Inspection, Maintenance and Storage.

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